Monday, January 26, 2015

Make a run for the border

Cody came back to Calgary on Saturday and brought back all the cereals he bought while down in the States.  He went down there just to get food, but of course you know he also got other junk food we don't have up here in Canada.  This is what he brought back for me.

Red Vines, no explanation needed.  Didn't we have them up here in Canada at one point?  I remember eating them unless we had a Canadian knock off version.

This looks good, Reese's peanut butter chocolate spread.  I like how on the label it shows an apple with the spread on it.  Nobody that eats this stuff is going to be eating apples with it.  You eat it straight out of the container with a spoon like it's pudding.  That's how I'm going to eat it.

JACKED!  Doritos Spicy Street Taco, is as nasty as you'd expect, but they gotta keep its street cred and not sell out to the man.  The flavour is very BOLD like the bag says and I wouldn't recommend eating them and then having to be in close quarters with other people unless you have a wheel barrow full of breath mints at your disposal.

Cheez-It!  I don't think I've ever eaten these before, so we'll see how they are.

Cody got these Tapatio Doritos for himself.  Why is everything flavoured spicy/hot in the States?  Food can have flavour without being spicy.

Cody picked up all the food at two different stores, Wal-Mart and Super 1 Foods(awesome name and logo).  I don't really like the Wal-Marts here in Canada, so I imagine I'd dislike the US Wal-Marts even more despite the cool snack food and cereal selection.  They're probably like 100X more trashy and revolting.

I wonder what the border guys thought of Cody going down there and coming back with only cereal and junk food?  Totally worth the trip.

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WiLLiE said...

I friggin LOVE Cheez Its! The regular kind are awesome, but I'm curious about those ones you have. You must tell me how they are.