Tuesday, January 13, 2015

RIP That place

Don't you hate it when a store you like closes down?  I know I sure do.  You wish you had visited it a little more often and maybe it would still be around?

A couple months ago I was up in the NW part of town and decided to go over to Crowfoot Terrace and check out Urban Sound Exchange.  Even though it's called "Urban" Sound Exchange, it is pretty damn far from downtown.  I've written about it a couple times on here as it was sold used CDs and DVDs.  Their prices were high on some stuff when compared to Cash Converters, but their music selection was better and more organized.  Over the years I've bought a few hard to find CDs from them and you might recall that they started carrying records and I got my Star Wars Christmas album and Count Floyd record there.

As I saying, I went to go there a couple months ago and it was gone!  It has been replaced by a frozen yogourt store.  I like frozen yogourt, but I liked Urban Sound Exchange more.   With Urban Sound Exchange gone that is one place less to find used music and movies.  I also had some frequent buyer's cards that I'll never get to use.

Whenever I'd go there I almost usually forget my card, so I'd had to start a new one which is why I have three going.  The top one only has 4 stamps, the middle 7 stamps and the bottom one has 6 stamps.  I could've combined two cards to get my free $10.00 something.  Another used music store, the Inner Sleeve, offers a frequent buyer's card but doesn't let you combine cards, so don't forget your card at home.

There was almost a close call before Christmas when I went to Cash Converters and it was gone!  My favoritest store in the world!  Once upon a time we had four Cash Converters in town and then one by one the stores closed leaving one location left on MacLeod Trail.  It just a false alarm as the store is still there, it just has a new name.  I guess the Cash Converters brand is no more, so they are now known as "The Buy and Sell Store".   Real original name there guys!  They have the same policies and pricing, etc, just with a different name.  It they ever closed I don't know what I'd do, other than save some money.

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