Saturday, January 10, 2015


If you go back to my Boxing Day post I put a picture of some Disney/Marvel figures for use with the Infinity 2.0 video game.  I mentioned I didn't have the actual yet, but now I do!

It went on sale this week at Target and I still had my 10% coupons which I also got on Boxing Day.  The timing for the sale was good too because the coupons expire Jan 11th.  Now all I need is the actual console for play the game on!  Typical Keith to do everything backwards, get the accessories, then the game and then the console.

Turns out, I have the console, but don't actually HAVE it.  Since I didn't go home for Christmas, that meant I didn't get any gifts and they are still sitting in Cranbrook waiting for me.  My mom went and ruined Christmas for me and told me she got me an XBox One.  All she said is that it is "white" which means it's the Sunset Overdrive bundle without the stupid Kinect.  Nice job Mom!  Maybe someday I'll even get to play it!

I know Disney Infinity is a kids game, but I only bought it because of the Marvel stuff.  I need to track down a Spider-Man and maybe a Rocket Raccoon figure.  My next game will definitely be a bit more "mature".  Although, I'm not too sure what games are coming out soon.  For some reason I had my eyes on some RPG games like the new Dragon Age and Shadow of Mordor.  As long as I'm running around killing things I'll be entertained.

Turns out the 10% coupon I had was 10% off my entire order, not just one item.  That was pretty sweet, if I had known that I would've went and bought some more socks. 

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