Wednesday, January 14, 2015


It's new video time!  THE GREAT AMERICAN BEERCAN HUNT is our parody of hunting shows starring Cody, Willie and I.

Even though it's ninteen minutes long (which is long for us) there was a still a lot of footage cut out.  Don't worry, it was cut for a reason.  It took a while to get this video going because getting the footage was a bit difficult.  Cody tried to transfer it with his gizmo-ma-bob, but when ever there were scenes with some shaky camera work the video freeze up and skip.  Since we shot the entire video all hand held, there were a LOT of shaky scenes.  In the end we piped it in through my DVD recorder and recorded it to DVD that way...twice.  Cody then ripped the video from the DVD, so he was able to start working on it.  Whew.

All in all, it turned out pretty good considering when we filmed it all we had was an idea/concept.  We drove up some road by Cody's and started filming stuff,  pretty much made everything up on the spot.  It's all ad libbed and improved.  In post, Cody learned some fancy CGI effects for this too.  Also, thanks to Cam for the twangy guitar music.

There are still more videos left to be done like SON OF A GUN, UNTITLED, WORST MOVIE EVER MADE and THE CRAPOLA COMPILATION.   I'm not sure which one will get done first, but one of them will get done sooner or later.


Keef said...

Looking back at it now I think we should have named Willie's character Willy Bob instead of Billy Bob.

WiLLiE said...

This holds up well after all these years...I laughed a LOT! Good job on the editing Cody! Hit a bunch of great comedic moments plus the sound effects add so much to it instead of the sound of caps going off, you know?

Cam...were you using your old electric? You NAILED like every cut scene from every hunting show ever with that one lick...awesome!

Cam said...

Hey Willie, nope I was using my new electric and my old acoustic for some of those! Email me anytime for hot steamy guitarchat, I'm playing again and learning some theory and stuff so I'm slightly less bad than before.