Saturday, June 13, 2015


Dollarama isn't just home to cheap Pepsi and candy, they also have Shoulder Trolls.  They are your shoulder riding pals!

The magic coin holds them in place, so you can take on the go for loads of fun.  There isn't anything magic about it.  Just put the "coin" on the inside of your shirt and your troll pal sticks to it with the "magic" of magnetism.

We're totally having fun!

He's got the swirly lines in his eyes like he's been hit on the head with a cartoon mallet or he is under the influence of something.

This guy...

...tells the best jokes!!

Seriously though, if you can't walk into Dollarama and have the urge to buy a stupid junky toy then you have no soul.  Most of the time we don't give into these impulses, but on occasion we do and go home with a Shoulder Troll.  Other times it might be a wind-up robot or wind-up zombie, but that is a post for another day.  


Cam said...

The spirally red eyes mean that troll is definitely under the influence of something, most likely weed or satan. Be careful!

Cara said...

You two look so happy!