Monday, June 8, 2015

Keepin' it real

We had some nice weather here in Calgary today, so I figured might as well get out of the house, into the sunlight(hiss!) and do something.  Cody and I went down to Chinatown today and while I got a few things, a few stores were closed and that was a bit of a disappointment.

The toy store I wanted to go to was closed.  The bakery Jing Jing was closed, so no donuts on a skewer.  And on our way out we went to stop at the Vietnamese sub place, but the line was huge.  I looked in on it earlier and there was no one there, then like twenty minutes later like everyone showed up.  Dammit!

I went to the Dragon City Mall and once I walked in I was all worried because the movie place I usually go to was gone!  Luckily it had only moved a few stores over.  I bought three movies!

When my mom went to Taiwan she had a layover in Hong Kong where she got me the Blu-ray for the Japanese movie Ruroni Kenshin based on the manga/anime.  This is Ruroni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno, the second movie in the trilogy.  As I said the movie place just moved, so they hadn't unpacked everything yet and the guy couldn't find the third movie, The Legend Ends.  Looks like I'll be going back sometime soon.

I had been looking for a copy of Protector 2/Tom Yum Goong 2 for a while.  It was released in North America quite a while ago, but seems pretty hard to find.  I kept hoping to find it at Cash Converters, but no such luck.  It was released in 3D, but only the US got the 3D version and it goes for WAY too much on eBay.  

I love the case it came in too.  I was all worried I bought a bootleg, but it's says "Real Blu-ray Disc" on on the case, so it must be legit.

I was thinking about getting this when it actually is released tomorrow, but why wait and why pay a lot more than I have to?

Cody was all shocked that movie places like that actually exist and haven't been shut down yet.  I'm glad there are there, but usually I just buy stuff I can't find over here.  Ignore that Kingsman Blu-ray above.  I just think they are playing with fire selling bootleg Hollywood movies.  Maybe no one cares if they sold pirated DVDs of Asian movies, but selling bootleg copies of American Sniper, Disney flicks and Hollywood blockbusters is asking for trouble.

They movie place actually moved right next the snack store, so I made sure to stock up on some Hi-Chew and similar candies.  They are sort of like Starburst, little individually wrapped chewy candies.  This is actually how I eat most of my fruit.

That was pretty much the Chinatown trip as a bit a let down as we didn't get to hit up everything we wanted to, but at least I got out of the house. 


mike said...

I only watch top quality movies like this one;

Keef said...

Well, how was it??