Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer time

Just a quick post regarding my upcoming summer vacation times.  At work we were short staffed forever, but finally hired three people to help out.  We hired someone to work Monday to Friday mornings, someone to work nights and a third person to work Friday to Monday anytime.  Then the guy who works nights decided to quit and the person to work Friday to Monday seems like she can't ever work due to prior commitments, so it's like we really only hired like half a person for a few mornings a week.  I'm still taking time off though!

I had originally wanted to take three separate weeks off, but I cut that back to two since we don't have enough people to work.  I'll only be taking two different weeks off this summer, in July I'm off the 9th to the 15th and in August I'm off the 16th to the 25th.  The July one is just a week away!  I haven't actually taken more than a couple days off since the end of last September.  The time in August might get changed a bit, but just moved forward a couple days.

I will be in Cranbrook, of course, and Kootenay Lake too.  Not sure if anyone else will be around.  I know Cam won't, and I had hoped to go to Kelowna or something on one of original three weeks off.  Maybe if we can hire someone who actually wants to work, I can take some time off in the fall.  Cam and Mike, are your parents going to in Cranbrook the 9th to the 15th?  I got crap to drop off there.  Also, I hear I have stuff to pick up there.  If not, I guess I'll have to hang out with Willie.  Maybe we can film a dumb new movie.


mike said...

I think they are home, last I heard they were heading to the lake around the 20th?

Don't let that stop you from filming a movie though.

Keef said...

Thanks Mike. Maybe we can blow up your house again.