Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Plastic guys

Remember back in the day those little plastic green army dudes?  They were in different poses with different guns, but my favourite was the rocket launcher guy.  I'm pretty sure I still have my army guys back in Cranbrook in an old milk bag.  I haven't really looked for them in stores in about say 30 years or so, but they are back now in Star Wars form as Star Wars Command figure.

I got an Empire pack with two Stormtroopers, two crouched Stormtroopers, two Tie Fighter pilots, two Imperial Guards and a exclusive Emperor Palpatine.  Looks like every pack comes with a 9th exclusive figure.  I'm not if the figure itself exclusive or it's a special paint/coloured version of an existing figure.

You can get the smaller sets and larger "assault" packs which come with vehicles.  I don't like how they mix the classic character with new characters from Star Wars Rebels.  That's why I picked the pack I did because it was all the original guys.  Plus an Emperor figure with blue hands is pretty cool.

I think he got frostbite on his hands.

It's a screen capture from A New Hope!  I like how the one guy is crouched to help get a more accurate shot.  I doesn't help.

I think these guys are pretty cool and would look nice on your desk or shelf next to your Hot Wheels die cast vehicles.  I bought my pack on sale and just like the Hot Wheels I'd like to get some more in the future, but I'll wait till they are on sale again.

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