Sunday, July 19, 2015

Guest star

When I was back in Cranbrook Willie asked if I wanted to go see the new Terminator movie at the late show.  That is way past my bed time and I was getting ready and whatnot to head back to Calgary in the morning, so I didn't go.  I did ask him to let me know how it was though.  So here is Willie's "review" of Terminator: Genisys or as Willie calls it...TERMINATOR 5: Sega Genisys.
Where Jurassic World knocked it out of the park with the way they paid homage to the original movie yet went in a new direction and succeeded, Terminator 5 at times was only a single, with moments of a double and even a triple. Too many baseball references? Anyways, parts of it were good. I liked how they sorta Back To The Future 2'd it by going back to the original movie setting and messing around with things. The end part, after a bunch of the credits, was stupid. There's also a plot point that NEVER gets explained, which bugged me less than the after-credits stuff.
Thanks Willie! 


mike said...

Thanks Willie, so you're saying it was better than Titanic then? So you only went back three times? or four?

Keef said...

Fixed it!