Wednesday, July 8, 2015


Tomorrow morning I'm heading back to Cranbrook for a week.  I will go over to Kootenay Lake for the weekend, but not sure what else I'll end up doing.  I think I have to look after Avery on Monday, but other than that no concrete plans.  I'm sure I can find something to do.

I'd like to leave early on the morning, so I can get my drive over with before it gets too hot out.  I was checking out how the weather for Cranbrook looks for the next week and it doesn't look that bad, except for the start of the week.  I hope it is warmer over at the lake on the weekend because I'm not bringing back, a jacket, pants or socks.

You can get check Instagrump as I'll try to post lots of pictures, eventually one of them will be interesting.

But before I leave I gotta check out the new Mucho Burrito!  When the old Taco Bell closed over in West Hills it sucked, but Cody and I were pretty excited when they put up a "Mucho Burrito coming soon" banner on the front of the building.  Of course, this was way back in the fall and over time we even wondered if it was actually going to open or not.  I guess they wanted to make it authentic and brought in migrant workers from Mexico, but they finally opened just the other day.

The past couple times I've eaten at Mucho Burrito up in Aspen I'm gone with the Taco Trio and while it is good, I'm always still hungry afterwards.   This time I went all out and got a "mucho" size burrito.  As you can guess "mucho" is the biggest size you can get and I'm not joking, I think the thing weighed 5 lbs.  It's pretty big!  Mucho Burrito is a big upgrade from Taco Bell, I look forward to going back again.


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