Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pick ups

As you already know I have lots of crap and going back to Cranbrook I always end up bringing more stuff back with me because Cranbrook is boring and I end up going to the thrift stores and second hand stores for something to do.  It's not my fault they have cheap cool crap.  I just look at it like I'm stimulating the local economy.  You're welcome!

Because I have nothing to watch I just bought a couple, or ten movies.  There are from the Hospital Aux, Aabco, Twice as Nice, Salvation Army and the thrift store in Marysville!

As you can see Repossessed is a VHS tape, which I bought at the Hospital Aux, but it has an Aabco sticker on the back.  No Problem 2 also came from the Hospital Aux and is a Japanese/Chinese movie and also a bootleg!   Unfortunately, the Bob and Doug DVD did not come with the bottle opener and now that I think about it, I might already have this one.  The Tekken blu-ray is to upgrade from my bootleg copy.  Also, got a few 80's flick in there because the 80's were radical.

Here is a Keith thrift store tip for you, the thrift store in Marysville is crazy ass cheap for for media.  DVDs are only $1 which is where I got Power Rangers and Speed Racer.  CDs are 50 cents each and cassette tapes are 10 for $1!  VHS tapes are 5 for a $1 and LPs are something like 10 for $1.  Selection is limited, but prices are insane.

Fat Boys CD from Aabco and a Rilo Kiley CD from the Salvation Army.

The Hospital Aux had a bunch of old game guides so I picked up Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Mario Kart, Astro Boy and The Punisher.  I also got a beat up old Uncle Scrooge comic.

A sexy glass from Twice as Nice.  I'd feel dirty just putting it up to my lips and drinking from it.  It looks pretty damn old, so I'll just look at it because I don't want the picture falling off and looking any worse.

That's it for now, looks like I'll be busy watching movies for the next week.

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