Thursday, December 31, 2015


This is an easy to do up a post about nothing, just tell you guys about some stuff I got, which as it turns out is 99% of my blog posts.  Here we go!  Below is a stack of movies I either got for Christmas as gifts or movies I bought myself for Christmas.

Well, the first two aren't movies, but XBox One games.  Cody got me Dead Rising 3 and my mom got me Rise of the Tomb Raider.   I'm looking forward to Tomb Raider.

Monster Hunt, I already mentioned this one as 3D Chinese film my mom got me in Hong Kong.  I hear the CGI is pretty good and hopefully it's not too kiddie.

Rurouni Kenshin: The Legends End, a Japanese movie that again my mom got me in Hong Kong.  Originally a manga, then an anime and now a live action movie trilogy.  It's got swords and weird guys with crazy weapons.  I'm in!  This is the final film and since I own the legit version of the first movie, I'll probably end up upgrading my bootleg DVD of the second film to legit Blu-ray because my OCD demands I do it.

Next in the pile is the Japanese TV superhero series Ultraman Ginga Volume 2 on Blu-ray.  It's Japanese, but the disc is from Hong Kong.  No, my mom didn't get it for me I actually ordered it for myself, but only because it was just released after she was already there.  I'm know you are thinking, "What about Volume 1?"  I had actually already downloaded and watched the first half of the 12 episode series a while ago.  These types of shows don't very often come out with English subtitles, so I thought I'd try this disc and see how it was.  The subtitles aren't perfect, but better than I thought.  There is the occasional spelling mistake and for some reason they translate "Ultra Live!" to "UltLive!" which makes no sense especially when they say "Ultra Live!" in English!  All in all we can all agree that the Kamen Rider series is better.

Full Strike, I already mentioned this one as a movie my mom got me in Hong Kong.  It's an action badminton gangster comedy.  I was hooked at badminton.

If your French isn't that good Monde Jurassique 3D means Jurassic World 3D.  I bought this for myself at Best Buy upon my return to Calgary this week.  Some recent 3D Blu-ray releases having been coming out a prices that are way too high for me.  I was hoping Jurassic World would come down in price for Boxing Day and it did, but not nearly enough.  I still caved in and got it.

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F, my mom hard at work in Hong Kong again.  As I said before, this movie is available here in Canada, but for some reason the Hong Kong version comes in 3D which is not available in North America.  I'm curious about the 3D on a mostly 2D animated movie.  

For Christmas Cody got me the Ant-Man 3D steelbook.  I like how they released this in December, just in time for the holidays and to save me from buying it for myself.  Thanks Cody.

Then there is Automan, the complete TV series.  An early 80's TV show from Glen Larson about a crime fighting hologram...ahh the 80's!  I dig the Tron looking visuals in the promotional material and the overall plot sounds so ridiculous/cheesy/cool.  It only lasted 13 episodes, 

Finally, there is Hard Rain which I actually bought for myself at the Salvation Army when I was back in Cranbrook.  I've never actually seen it and I've actually been on the look out for it for a while now.  I hope the wait was worth it. 

Well I'm almost done, but below is another pick up from the Salvation Army.

PEE-WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE!  I bought this VHS not because I'm going to watch it, but just so I can display the cool looking over size case.  The case itself is a little crushed, but I can easily get a new one at the thrift store.  Hell of a deal for fifty cents, that cover is like art.

But wait there's more!  A couple weeks before Christmas I was the thrift store and bought myself a copy of the Critters Quadrilogy on DVD.  I'll admit to never actually seeing Critters before, but I've always been well aware of them.  I just watched Critters 3 tonight which also is the film debut of Leonardo DiCaprio.  I liked the first two movie more with Critters 2 being like the Empire Strikes Back of the Critters franchise.  Okay, that's it finally.

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