Sunday, July 3, 2016

Garbage sale

Yikes, I just looked and it has been almost a week since my last post.  I was going to do something for Canada Day, but then I didn't really do anything for Canada Day.  I ate some pizza and played video games, so I guess I celebrate Canada Day almost every day.

Reality is I'm the most boring person on the planet and having been doing nothing exciting, but that is all about to change...I'm going back to Cranbrook!  Cam and Cara are also going and I'll be there at the same time.  I had been wanting to back so I can go through my mom's basement and dig out more junk for the garage sale.  I just asked for the same time off, so it all works out.  The best part is that Cam said he'd help me go through all my boxes!  What a pal.  After that I'm not sure what we'll do. I hear Cranbrook has not one, not two, but three vaping stores so we could check them out, but I bet we'll do something fun instead.

My sister told me that she's having the garage sale July 15th and 16th, so if you aren't going to be there then you better make sure you are because it will be killer!  I'll be bring back a few more things for it when I come back this Saturday.  I come back to Calgary on the 14th, so I don't actually have to deal with the hassle of having the garage sale, I'll just get the money.

This is one of my many awesome garage sale items!


Cam said...

Yay, I'll see you in Cranbrook! Do you have a reliable way to get in touch with William? We can all go for lunch and he can tell us which vape shops are worth checking out.

Keef said...

I e-mailed him a while back and he replied and told me he had a new e-mail address. I sent him an e-mail a little bit later which I sent to all three of his e-mail accounts, but then never heard back from him. I can always text him, that seems to be the easiest way. Or we can just show up on his door step.

mike said...