Wednesday, July 13, 2016


...OOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Dammit.  I checked out the tape I found and I'm totally bummed because Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy is not on the tape.  It has some Jeff and Steve snowboarding and some mountain biking on it.  Then some credits we made for said snowboard/mountain bike movie, one has Sam in the background, it's actually kind of cool.  After that is the original footage for Reefer Madness 2, then after that is some weird ski racing stuff that looks like it was recorded off TV.  I don't know who did it, but chances are they taped over Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy.  I don't ask for that much, but that was all I wanted.  Boo.

Anyway, I made it back after a long and rainy drive back.  The drive took a little longer than usual as there was a lot of traffic between Cranbrook and Radium.  Plus there is road construction between Grave Lake and Canal Flats which slowed things down.  The drive through the park was surprisingly quiet as I only saw two cards going my direction, but once I got on Hwy 1 that changed.

The good news is that the garage sale hasn't even happened yet and I'm already making money.  My sister sold some E.T. items to a friend for $3.00.  I also have some Coke, Sprite and 7-Up glasses that Julie put on Bid Wars and they are up to $8.00 already.  I was only going to sell them for 25 cents each, so more money is always a good thing.

On Tuesday I made a trip up to Kimberley to the store there, Olde Koots Vintage.  I was going to see if they were interested in some of the better stuff I have and while they do buy stuff, the two ladies who do the buying were off that day.  I took their card and this morning I called both the phone numbers on the card and nobody answered either phone.  That's a lot of help.  I put one box of collectables aside to take up there next time I'm home.  I had more "neat" glasses to go up there too, but they are all going in the garage sale and anything left over might go up there.

Anyway, its back to work tomorrow.  

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Keef said...

Those glasses went for $15.00! Much better than the $1.50 I would've priced them at.