Sunday, July 10, 2016

Star Wars: The Cereal Awakens

I posted of picture of some a Star Wars cereal from General Mills on my Instagram last week.  The picture was actually of Cody's cereal boxes, but I eventually got my own boxes.  I did not get the Finding Dory cereal.

There were two boxes, BB-8 and Kylo Ren, but hurry because it's a limited edition box.  I actually like the box design here, it's pretty simple and straightforward.  Even though I already own too much crap and am moving the end of the month I think I might be keeping these two boxes for know just because I like them so much.

The back of the box features corresponding character artwork.  The artwork is just recycled from when Post did their Star Wars cereal promotion.  At least General Mills actually made a Star Wars cereal instead of just just slapping "Star Wars" on a pre-existing product, but there still isn't a prize!

The art on the back of the box can be cut out to be used as a poster, but make sure you get help from from an adult.  Or at least use safety scissors with the rounded ends.

Here is picture from the box of the cereal and it has marshmallows in it!

The side of the box has a legend in order to help you identify the different marshmallows.  The lightsaber one looks like a Popsicle to me.  It also looks like R2-D2 has put on a little weight.

This is a picture of what the cereal looks like in real life.  The cereal is little X-Wings and Tie Fighters and the marshmallows all look like what they are supposed to with the exception of the BB-8 marshmallows.  The identification guide shows it as being a orange and white swirl marshmallow, but in reality its just orange, no swirl and no white.

The good thing about the Star Wars cereal is that it actually tastes good!  It's not Minions cereal good, but is definitely way better than Batman, Superman or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cereal.  I have two opened boxes of Batman and TMNT cereal at home that are just going to end in the garbage because I can't force myself to eat them.

I remember seeing pictures of this cereal online at the time of the release of The Force Awakens.  I did a quick Google search and General Mills released this cereal in the States like seven months before we eventually got here in Canada.  The good news is that our box art is better looking.  The US version had Darth Vader one on box and CGI angry Yoda on the other box.  General Mills wasn't done with Star Wars yet, they also released Star Wars make overs on their boxes of cereal and put Droid View toys inside.  To see the box art and the toys, go over here.  I dig that CTC box!

The most important thing to take away is that WE STILL NEED STAR WARS TOYS IN OUR STAR WARS CEREAL THO!!!


mike said...

Why not garage sale your TMNT cereal?

Willie would buy it.

Keef said...

Well the TMNT cereal is limited edition, so once the supply runs out then the value goes up right? It would be a smart and solid investment. Good thing we have two sealed boxes in Calgary.