Thursday, July 21, 2016

pew pew

Today was payday!  I am broke already!  Oh well, only two weeks until I get paid again.  I bought gas, food and put money aside for pay for the new place since we pay the rent plus damage deposit which is the same as one months rent.  Now I  know that you know I didn't spend all my money responsibly because that isn't like me at all.

I was Phoenix today because the new issue of Scooby Apocalypse came out and I had to get it and I ended up going home with something else extra as well.

Because you can never have too many DL-44's!  They had a bunch of "new" loose Star Wars toys and this blaster was by far the coolest, mostly because it looks authentic and is not orange or some dumb looking colour.

I asked Martin if it was legit or was a custom paint job.  He said he just bought a bunch of Star Wars stuff from a guy yesterday and he thought it was authentic.  I had my doubts though, but it didn't matter because it still looked cool and I was going to get it no matter what.

After some closer examination once I got home I deduced it was a custom paint job.  As you can see here the silver paint looks too sketchy for something mass produced and there is a little orange showing where the paint has been worn a bit.

There is more orange showing on the barrel of the gun.  I have no artistic skill at all, but I'd like to cover up the parts where the orange is starting to show through.

After doing some Google searches based on the manufacture date on the gun, this is what the gun originally looked like.  The custom paint job is one hell of an improvement.  They also produced a blue and orange version the same year in 2008 as well.

The gun is electronic, but sounds absolutely terrible.  It sounds nothing like the movie version, which shouldn't be too hard to replicate, so I don't know how they could mess it up so bad.  I'm thinking about just removing the batteries all together but there is some paint in one of there battery department screw heads, so I don't want to mess up the paint by removing the screw.

I think this marks at least my fourth DL-44 blaster pistol.  I have original 1978 one from Kenner/General Mills that is black and looks cool.  That was back when they made guns that looked like guns for kids.  The good old days!  I have a 1996 version that is unfortunately very orange.  I have this one from 2008 which I just got today and how could I forget my bad ass Nerf version.  The Nerf one doesn't look exactly like Han Solo's DL-44, but at least it shoots something.

A picture of what my very orange DL-44 looks like.  That's not actually my blaster, I just stole the picture from someone on the internet and I'm not even going to give them credit.  Muwhahahaha....

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