Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First post evar!

Hey, this is my first post on the shiny new blog. I decided to abandon my crappy MySpace page as somebody had found who I didn't really want reading it because they're nuts. I won't go into it anymore than that, so forget it.

I never really looked around and checked out other blogging sites. I was checking out this other guy's blog and it's on the same site, so I clicked the sign up button and like 5 minutes later I had a new blog. I'm not sure if I'll snazz it up and make it look more interesting. It'll probably require me to do some reading and learning, so I doubt it. I changed the colors and stuff. If you'd like to see some other colors, let me know and I'll change to something more appealing the eye. You don't have to e-mail me because now you can leave comments. This new blog can spell check! That is actually helpful, but too bad it can't fix grammatical and punctuation errors.

That is all for now, but tomorrow I will work on a new post and for a change it will be somewhat interesting, I promise.

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