Tuesday, October 23, 2007


At work I Sunday night, I killed a mouse with my bare hands. Well, not my bare hands, but a box that was being held by my bare hands.

I was had a load of garbage and was throwing it out and Aida, the apparel supervisor, was sitting on a stack of pallets watching and then she starts screaming. This little mouse was walking across the floor in front of her. Usually when you see mice they run around and avoid people, but this guy was out for leisurely stroll. I was holding this box full of garbage, so I walked over to where the mouse was and let it drop. I wasn't sure if I got him or maybe he ran under pallets, so I finished throwing out the rest of my garbage.

I went over and picked up the box I had dropped and sure enough I totally got him. The mouse as all squished kinda flat with guts and gore hanging out him. Oh yeah, he was dead. I did have gloves on, so I picked him up by the tail and dropped into my box of garbage and then dropped the box down the compactor. So long!

Can't say I've had a part in killing that many critters. I killed a snake once, but hey IT WAS A SNAKE! Snakes ask for that kinda stuff. I also think I ran down a gopher too. He ran under my car, but I wasn't 100% he was killed. It wasn't like I was gonna stop and check or anything.

I thought I had a point to make or a lesson to be learned here, or at least make one. I'll go with classic "Can't we all get along?" and "We must live in harmony with nature." cuz killing ain't cool. ...And now you know!

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