Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yeah, I back.

I think I said I would post something when I was back in Cranbrook and I meant to, but I couldn't. Sunday night I went to write a post, but I got on Blogger I forgot my sign in name AND my password, so I wasn't really able to do much. On my computer here at home I clicked the little "Remember Me" box, so whenever I get to Blogger all the info is automatically filled in. It's so convenient, except when you're on another computer and can't remember your sign in information.

I'm lazy and tired, so I'm going to bed right now and tales of Cranbrook will have to wait until tomorrow. I did buy a new fridge magnet, to add to the dozens I've already got. It's shaped liked a t-shirt and says, "I'M GOOD IN BED, I CAN SLEEP FOR DAYS!" Haha, it's funny!

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