Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ramblings(poorly written) about music and eBay

On Tuesday I went to A&B Sound in the NE mostly just to see if it was even still there as I had completely forgotten that place even existed still. I was looking for a couple CDs that no one else seemed to have. It was actually still there, so I went inside only to find they didn't have what I was looking for. I went all the way across town, so I had to get something so I picked up the new Pipettes and Flashlight Brown albums. I almost got the Pointed Sticks CD, but it was the most expensive of the three, so I put it back.

Now, I know why people start downloading music, they're too cheap to buy something they might not like. I like the Pipettes and Flashlight Brown CDs, but it seems everything I've bought lately has only been like "so-so". I need to buy a total kick ass CD to get excited about.

Though I probably shouldn't be buying more CDs as I have way too many as it is. I bought a 30L Rubbermaid container to put all the extras in so I can take them back to Cranbrook next trip. My dad will love that. Some of the CDs are the $1 deals from Cash Converters that I bought because I liked a song or two on the CD. The bin is about 3/4 full and I've still got another box of CDs to sort through. I don't want to get rid of any of it because if I do then I'll regret it.

As if I still don't have enough stuff I bought some junk off eBay like more CDs, a Punisher Meets Archie comic, and a J. Scott Campbell signed sketchbook. With the Canadian dollar kicking the American pesos ass, buying stuff from the US is looking pretty good. I bought the first Soviettes CD off eBay for $5.99 brand new, shipping was $6.99 and after exchange it came out to $13.19 Canadian. $13 for a CD is still pretty good considering it's out of print and even if HMV could order it in, it would cost like $23.99. I promised myself I wouldn't order anymore stuff until all my packages arrive in the mail. I might last until the weekend or maybe next strong! I've already two things picked out that I want to order though!

To prove you can really buy anything online or on eBay check this out:

Now all the poor deprived people of America can buy the ketchup chips they desparately need. If you scroll down the "Buy It Now" section there is some guy selling No Name ketchup chips. Disgusting! Anything No Name is horrible tasting, so that guy is going to get some negative feedback.

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