Thursday, October 18, 2007

More money down the tubes.

Back again! Two posts in two days must mean two things, that 1. I bought more stuff and 2. I didn't work. You remember my post last week about not buying anymore stuff on eBay, while it didn't last long as I bought a movie poster for The Cat From Outer Space (odd I know) and a DVD. I was bidding on something else, but I lost. With the Canadian dollar actually worth more than the US dollar right now, it just makes buying stuff all the more easier.

Some of my eBay packages have started to roll in, I got two yesterday and three today. I bought J. Scott Campbell's 2007 sketchbook and it came in the mail today. It's a little book, but came in this huge box. Looking at the box I was like, "What could be in here?" I also ordered this CD from Christy Brigette Darlington (Yes that's a dude's name!) and his band Darlington. He recorded a live concert and pressed 1000 copies on CD. I ordered one, but he sent me two copies! Haha, I got #182 and #167 out of 1000.

Back in the olden days when I was a kid I had the Transformers Soundwave figure with Ravage and Laserbeak. I loved it and it holds a special place in my heart. Then I think my mom sold it at a garage sale with out Star Wars and G.I. Joe figures. I also miss Shockwave (laser gun dude) and Zartan. So when I saw this I knew it had to be mine. Check it out:

That is the Toys'R'Us exclusive Commemorative Edition Soundwave figure with Ravage and Laserbeak. Hasbro has released a few figures made from the original molds or something, so they are exactly as the same as the originals. Being an "exclusive" means they can charge more money for it, $40 to be exact. Is it pricey? Yes. Is it cool? Hell yes! I'm torn between putting it on my shelf or opening it up and playing with it. I mean for $40 I should take care of it because if it breaks I'm boned. But I'm so itching to open and transform Soundwave and stick Laserbeak in the tape deck. Aaaahhhhh!!! What should I do?!

In related news Transformers the movie came out on DVD this week and I did not buy, nor will I ever.

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