Tuesday, December 18, 2007

It's what kids want!!

Do you really want to eat something called "Chokies"? It's almost just asking for trouble. I went back to T&T Supermarket to get some more 3+2 and saw these cookies and couldn't resist getting them on their name alone.

They're actually similar to Oreos and come in three flavors Irish Mocoa, French Vanilla and the ones I bought, Swiss Choco. The packaging is kinda weird as it's a package with ten packages inside each containing three cookies. I guess this type of packaging is good for lunches. The cookies don't really taste the good, they're just some inferior Oreo knock offs and taste like it. But the name is funny!

I couldn't resist looking at the movie store and all it's bootleg DVDs. I saw the Simpsons movie and 30 Days of Night which isn't even on DVD yet! They always like to sell DVDs sets based on prices like $3/disc. I bought this CSI: NY set which was 3 discs and set me back $9. I'm not sure what season it was, but it looks like they manage to cram lots of episodes on the discs, even though when I try to select some of them they don't even work. The video quality was crappy, kinda like a VCD but the funniest part is that the episodes bear the network watermark down in the bottom right hand corner of CTV HD. Haha, it's recorded right off TV and made into DVDs. Classic!


mike said...

they're only real 'chokies' if you eat them 2 at a time..

when are you heading to cbk?

Keef said...

The hardcore guys eat an entire package of three at once. No milk!

I'll be heading back to Cranbrook on the 24th and then back to Calgary on the 28th. I know you won't be there for Xmas. Will you be coming later on?