Tuesday, December 4, 2007

It's cold out

Holy crap, it is cold out. For some cruel reason it seems the coldest place in our suite is on the couch in front of the TV. Why oh why?! Plus I'm sick, so the cold isn't helping much. Today was my day off, so I went out to try and get the last of my Christmas shopping done. All I have left is to get my sister something, but unfortunately I have no idea what to get here.

Christmas shopping has been costly this year because I seem to spending more on myself that on gifts for other people. Today when I was out trying to my sister's gift I ended up buying more crap for myself. I went to the Pacific Place mall to check out Utsuwa-No-Yakata, a Japanese tableware store. They have lots of pretty stuff. I saw this bowl and couldn't resist buying it for myself.

Haha, a monkey dance bowl! I wasn't sure what I could do with it as it's too small for me to eat out of, so it's my new change bowl. Yo Cam, yeah this is the same mall across from where you stayed. Did you get a Monkey Dance bowl too?

In the same mall there is a Chinese grocery store called T&T and I went in looking for these crackers called 3+2. Kelvin, a Chinese guy a work brought some and they were pretty good. I'm not sure if they're called 3+2, but it was the only English on the package.

I bet you can see why it's called 3+2, three crackers plus 2 layers of icing. It's weird because they're soda type crackers with icing, but it's surprisingly good. They have different flavors like a chocolate/vanilla, yellow (it's not a flavor I know), and the pink which I hope is strawberry. Bonus is that the strawberry package comes with a metal pencil case? which some boy band on it. I think it's a boy band, a couple of those guys look more like girls. Still good crackers though...

After that I went downtown to Chinatown and ended up buying yet more crap for myself. I got a Kamen Rider Ryuki figure in Rider Kick pose and a Kamen Rider watch.

The watch is a replica of Kamen Rider 2's henshin belt. That little logo thing flips open to reveal the digital display. It's actually kinda cheesy and cheap, but it was half price because the battery was dead. The Ryuki is cool, I like the display stand. It was in this store on the bottom of a display stand with some other Rider figures and monsters that were covered in dust. The monsters were only $2, so I may go back at some point to get some and judging by the amount of dust on them they aren't going anywhere.

So what's with all the Asian stores I was checking out? Well, I was looking for the newest toy fad from Japan called Mugen Puchi Puchi. You know that plastic bubble wrap and how we all love to pop the bubbles in it? Bandai has come out with toy that replicates exactly that. Mugen means "infinite" or "unlimited" while the puchi puchi is the sound it makes. Totally useless that you will no doubt be bored with in five minutes, but still you know you want one. It does mix it up a bit as every 100 pops it will make a different sound like a bark, meow, fark, or door bell. Sad thing is that I wasn't able to find one anywhere, they all looked at me like I was some crazy. I found some online at Yes Asia, but they're $15.99US. That isn't bad considering you get free worldwide shipping plus depending on what the dollar is doing you get it for more or less than 15.99. Check out the official website and the commerical via YouTube.


mike said...

I'm scared of the yellow flavor.. good things aren't usually that colour.

good haul, you should just let everyone play with your cool stuff for christmas, thats generous I'd say.

are you driving to cbk for your time off? Cam is going to be home but not me.

mike said...

you need one of these:

Keef said...

Mike, don't be so prejudice! Just because it's yellow doesn't mean it won't taste good.

Also, nobody gets to play with my stuff. They may look, but no touching. That damn watch isn't working right! I had the battery replaced and the display works, but you press the buttons to set the time nothing happens! It's stuck on "12:00" all the time.

And YES, I will be in Cranbrook for Christmas after not being there for two years. Last I was there, but for New Year's not Christmas. Cam, you'd better be there because I'm gonna bring you that DVD I copied for you. It's still sitting in the exact same spot.

blackbird said...

We just received one of those, in blue, from our friends in Japan.
It's infuriating, it's annoying, IT'S ADDICTING.