Thursday, December 13, 2007

'Tis the season.

I officially finished my Christmas shopping a week ago, although I'm still waiting on one thing to come in the mail. Now that I'm all done my shopping comes the hard part...wrapping! Yes, I suck at wrapping gifts. Even it's a square I can do it, it just looks sloppy, but it if anything but square then it just gets ugly. I went about bought some gift bags this year to make it easier and faster to get things done. I did buy this huge gift bag to put something for my parents in, but when I got home the gift for the bag wasn't quite as big as I thought it was, so the bag is still way over sized. Check out this picture in which I put a box of Cocoa Puffs next to it for scale. BTW the Cocoa Puffs are choco-tastic!

It might be funny to put a pair of socks in it for someone. They'd see the huge bag and get all excited until the picked it up and it's basically empty. Ha ha! For Logan's birthday I wrapped up his DVDs and a toy and put them in a cereal box. When I gave him it to him he just looked at it and put on the table and took off. I was like "Hey, aren't you gonna open it?" Then he opened it and said "This isn't cereal!" I feel so smart tricking a five year old. Maybe I should put his presents in it!

Speaking of Logan's presents I got him a commissioned piece of art (how ritzy!) from Takeshi Miyazawa. It was originally supposed to for his birthday, but Tak didn't get it done in time, so now it's his Christmas present. I got myself a picture too and they're not just sketches, they're inked and toned and all that and look super sweet. I want to put it in a nice frame, but something with some flash to it because he'll be bored with a plain old black wooden frame. I bought this frame with a red border from Ikea, but it is the cheapest piece of crap ever! I'm telling you the entire thing is made of card board and a picture that nice deserves better. I'll hold on it as a last resort. Oh, check out the picture below. The upside down Spidey is Logan's and the Spidey bust portrait is mine.

Click pictures to embiggen.

This weekend YTV will be airing a bunch of cartoon Christmas specials from years past. There are two that stand out that are worth watching. On Saturday the 15th the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special will be on and Sunday the 16th is the Smurfs Christmas. The website lists air times, but doesn't say what time zone, so check your local listings. I'll be setting the VCR to tape both of these. I'm kinda scared to see how Smurfs stands the test of time as I have not seen it FOREVER! For a complete listing of cartoons airing checking the YTV site:

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without an advent calendar. I almost bought of those cheap 99 cent advent calendars with 24 days in them, but was holding out for a good one which I found a Toys'R'Us.

Turtle power! Oh yes, 32 days of chocolate! It has Christmas AND New Year's. The good thing about the small chocolates is that they are too small to get a real good taste of the chocolate because if you did you probably wouldn't want to eat any more. I remember once upon a time when the advent calendars had the small chocolates for all the days leading up to Christmas and then on Christmas the door was twice as big and so was the chocolate. They need to do that and then need to make advent calendars every month of the year not just December. Then I'd more pay attention to what day it was.

In other Turtles news I downloaded these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Japanese OVAs that were fan subbed. The show in general was a little weird, but the turtles themselves still looked like the US versions. April was a little more anime-d which made her look better. The fan subbing was probably not a direct translation as in the second OVA one of the turtles calls this ninja guy a "dumbshit". I know that's not what he said, but it was still hilarious.

Smurf ya later!!

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