Thursday, December 27, 2007


Being in Cranbrook I'm pretty bored, so I was looking around on eBay tonight and stumbled across something that totally blew my mind.

Some guy is selling a Knight Rider belt belt buckle on eBay and the bidding is up to $162.50! I have that exact same belt buckle. Mine is actually from the Gray Creek Store on Kootenay Lake and I think cost $10. I also got an A-Team belt buckle from there as well. They also had Atari Asteroids pajamas which were unfortunately too small. It originally came with a red belt attached to it, but I cut it off as it's too small and then had a new belt custom made for it. I've since put on weight and the belt doesn't fit anymore. But hey, it's not like it cost $162.50...haha what a sucker! The guy selling it will be laughing at the way to the bank.


Cam said...

It's even higher now - $173.45! Congrats on your outstanding investment.

Keef said...

Yeah, just think about how much it'll be worth in another 20 years?! Maybe over $200!!