Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm lovin' it.

On Wednesday it was my day off, but I ended up going in to work anyway, to put the freezer back together because it broke the previous day. Getting up to go to work at 7am on my day off isn't my idea of a good time, so when I finished I decided to grab some breakfast at McDonald's. Now breakfast is one of the only meals I'll actually eat at McDees because I like the sausage McMuffin with egg. Plus I had seen commercials on TV about the new Olympic water bottles they have. So I totally got one!!

I got the blue one with the downhill skier on it, but there are also bottles for snowboarding, hockey, speed skating and figure skating. They are metal like the Sigg bottles just not as good are as expensive. The bottles also come with a little carabiner for hanging it off your backpack and looking super cool. But remember...


The bottles cost $3.49 each, but I got a deal on mine. I was trying to tell the girl I wanted one the water bottles and was like "Yeah, sure!" I paid and she went to get my food and stuff then comes back with a bottle of Dasani water. Then I was like "Wrong!" So she just gave me the water bottle for the price of a bottle of water. Get it? As and added bonus I got some caramel sauce on the bag the bottle was inside. Sweet!


mike said...

real hardcores go climbing with those 'biners.

Keef said...

Real hardcores go climbing with nothing! Ropes are for posers.