Saturday, August 8, 2009

Impulse buy!!

Today I only worked a half day and when I was done my shift I went to the electronics department because I wanted to buy a Wii Points card. I wanted some more points so I could download a couple games. When I was waiting to pay I was looking in the discount bin and saw they had a DS Lite and a DSi in there. They were both open box models and were 25% off. Do I need one? Certainly not. Did I get one? Yes.

I couldn't really decided which one to get. The DS Lite is just a smaller version of the original DS. The DS is able to play GameBoy Advance games as well. The DSi is the newest version with two cameras, photo programs, music player, larger screens, and it's able to download DSiWare games. The system comes with a free game download. Unfortunately, the DSi does not have the GBA game slot. I ended up going with the DS Lite because it does play GBA games and it was cheaper. I didn't want to spend a lot of money and end up not playing it much. I did get the 25% off plus my 10% employee discount, so I ended up getting it for $100. I hope that is good.

I got home and figured out I now had a DS, but no games to play on it. I headed over to EB Games and checked out the used games. A lot of the first party Nintendo games are all pretty good, but cost more than the average used game. I ended getting an adventure FPS shooter called Moon and an on-rail shooter called Touch the Dead(only $5!). Touch the Dead is kinda like House of the Dead (no relation) where you are shooting zombies. I played it and I sucked at it. Controls are pretty simple, tap with the stylus where you want to shoot and drag ammo from the bottom left to the bottom right to reload your gun. I always took damage on reloads because it reloads so damn slow. Also, the game looks like crap. Maybe I've been playing so much XBox 360 HD games and know they are completely different systems, but Touch the Dead looked ugly. The name is kinda weird too, is it about necrophilia?

I started playing Moon, but quit after a while because it was making my head hurt. It is a FPS shooter/adventure where you move with the D-pad, move the on screen reticule with the stylus and then shooter the L shoulder button. Now the D-pad is on the right side of the system and I'm left handed, so I can't use the stylus and the D-pad at the same. I changed the configuration to moving with the buttons (on the right) and shooting with the R shoulder button. I found controlling, like moving and shooting at the same time really awkward, but maybe I'm just not used to it yet. I beginning to wonder how this system will be for someone left handed. It will be next to impossible to use the D-pad and the stylus at the same time, so it makes me wonder about control schemes for other games.

I won't have to worry about using a stylus if I play GBA games. All I need to do is get River City Ransom EX for the GBA and I might not have to worry about getting any more games, DS or GBA! EX was made for the GBA and is basically the original NES version with added features like tons of new techniques to learn. It is like the same, but slightly better. I've been waiting a while to play this.

Speaking of River City Ransom, one the games I wanted to download with my Wii Points was Super Dodgeball for the NES from the same guys the made River City Ransom. The characters have that RCR super deformed look to them. I played it and then lost in the finals to the Russians. Oh man, there is a LOT of screen flicker going on in that game. It is still funny when you blast an opponent and he flies off screen to the right and then he comes flying back in from the left. It's only a game of dodgeball, but you are literally out to kill your opponents. When they die a little angel flies up to heaven. If only the Ben Stiller movie was a good as a this game.

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