Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We have a winner!

While the internet is used mostly for porn, buying crap you don't need and playing video games, once in a while it gives back. Back in the day when I first got online I used to go to some free lotto website and enter every day. I did it for a while because I actually won a couple times. Not a lot, but nothing is funnier than going into the bank to cash checks for $1.00 USD. I think it probably cost more than the $1 to have the checks printed and sent to me. Other than that I won a few DVDs from online contests like A Better Tomorrow, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade, Legend of the Black Scorpion and my all time favorite, a copy of Gen X Cops signed by Jackie Chan. I also won free passes to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon when it was released.

I've bought music from Interpunk before and they always have contests running, so once in a while I'll visit and see what the have going. Usually they aren't any band contests going that interest me, but it's free to enter, so why not? Turns out I won one! I won some stuff from a band I've never heard of called The Friday Night Boys. After being contacted about winning I provided them with my address and my swag arrived yesterday. The Friday Night Boys have released their new(only?) CD this summer, so the contest has a summer theme.

An inflatable beach ball that is signed by all four members of the band.

A pink inflatable inner tube or donut (whatever!) signed by three members of the band and one of the signatures is all smudged. Where is the fourth guy?!

And finally the icing on the cake, a very yellow bikini bottom with the band's name branded on the ass! Absolutely stunning!

As you can see I have no use for any of that stuff at all. I would've preferred a CD and a couple stickers, but instead I got this. It is all up for grabs, so if anyone or anyone's girlfriend wants the bikini bottoms they are Op size M(7/9). I hope they like yellow because I hate it!

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Cam said...

Congrats. Those bikini bottoms are VERY sassy. The fourth guy got booted from the band between signing the ball and the tube, that's the only possible explanation.