Sunday, August 9, 2009

Local Rabbits

I pulled into my spot at home after work and this guy was just sitting on the lawn right in front of me. I've seen him before in the same area and running around the neighborhood in general. I was expecting him to bolt the second I opened my car door, but he didn't! I got out and walked by him and he did nothing. I went inside and changed and then came back out and snapped a pic and he was still in the same spot. Rabbit eyes are freaky looking and his were bug eyed. It was scary, I thought he was gonna hurt me.


Bonus points to everyone who picked up on the "Local Rabbits" reference. They were an alt-rock band from Montreal and released two albums on Sloan's murderecords.

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Cam said...

I got the Local Rabbits reference because they played on the Tom Green Show way back when.