Saturday, August 22, 2009

Say cheese!

This afternoon me and Cody went and saw G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra at Westhills, the theater by our place. It is currently under going a renovation and when we walked into our theater Cody said "It smells weird." It smells brand new! We watched G.I. Joe in one of the newly renovated screens, so our theater had the stadium seating and rocker style seats. You can lean back in them and if any jerks sit in front of you, it's still easy to see.

After about 20 minutes of crappy previews (only Astro Boy looked good) the movie finally started. Somebody forgot to dim the lights once the movie started and I didn't want to get up because I didn't want to miss anything. Some girl left and then and when she returned the lights immediately went down, so thank you!! Since we got there a few minutes early and had to watch so many previews I managed to finish my nachos before the movie even started. That's good, so all my attention can be on the movie screen. I was shoveling a nacho in my mouth when a cheese covered jalapeno fell and landed on my shirt and bounced a couple times too for good measure. I knew this was probably going to happen, next time I'll have to bring a bib.

The movie itself was pretty much what I was expecting. Yes, it wasn't perfect, but I was satisfied. Cody said he liked it, so that is praise enough! Although, I could mostly talk about what I didn't like with the movie. First, lips on Snake Eyes' mask!! They made a thing between Ripcord and Scarlett when everybody knows it's all about Snake Eyes + Scarlett. Cobra Commander's lame mask. Those are my biggest complaints other than all the CGI and shaky camera work. If there is a battle going on I want to see it, especially when it's Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow. Quit shaking the camera around, pull it back a bit and let us see the action, after all it is an action movie. Cody said he didn't like the accelerator suits. I didn't mind them as they seemed kind of cartoony and since it is based on a cartoon then it all makes sense. The fight in the movie was between the young Snake Eyes and young Storm Shadow. Those two kids put the stars to shame.

I know it is kind of a kiddie movie, but the collateral damage on display here is enormous. There is a chase through the crowed streets of Paris with stuff getting smashed left and right and blowing up and you are telling me nobody got hurt? It doesn't show it, but you know innocent people died, especially when the Eiffel Tower fell on them. I thought Joes were supposed to stop that, not take part in it? Now that I've seen the live action movie, it just makes me want to go watch cartoon.

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