Saturday, November 20, 2010

Crap I got.

A recurring theme here on my blog is all the crap I've got.  Today I was looking through some of it because I forget what I have. 

I have this plastic tower of shelves that I had for a quite a while.  I don't really use for anything except to store stuff.  Once in a while I open a drawer to get something, but not that often.  Today I went through the bottom shelves were most of the "cool" stuff is stored.

ALF stickers!  Yeah, more stickers, but these are puffy and still sealed in the package.

I actually used to have one of the ET keychains when I was a kid, but I'm not sure what happened to it.  It has plastic cards with ET images on them.  I got this from a thrift store along with a second bonus ET keychain and a Garfield one of the same type.

Pokemon jam!  Elaine got this for me in the States.  When me and Copy moved from the basement suite into our new place my parents came to help and they brought Logan with them.  I let him go through some of my stuff and when he found this he wanted to eat some.  It's probably long expired, so I had to tell him he couldn't.

This was back when YTV had a music video show.  I wrote to "Mad-Dog" and commented on why was he always yelling and talking so loudly on air.  I mean it's on YTV so it's not like his viewers are old and hard of hearing.  I guess I hurt his feelings.  I also have a second postcard from Mad Dog for getting a request played on the air.  I requested Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz, this was right when it came out.  The lame part was the week after they played my request they started giving out free shirts to viewers who got their requests on the show.  So close!

Hey Cam, it's a Nissan!  It's sitting on a loonie for some reference, so you can see how small it is.

A Ronald McDonald comb and I think this may be the only comb I own.  I usually keep my hair short enough that it doesn't require combing.  But if I ever do it's reassuring to know I've got this.

Nothing says cool and impresses the girls like a Pac-Man velcro wallet.  I put my allowance in it.

I saved the best for last with my 70's Mego Spider-Man figure.  I bought him from Phoenix Comics way back when I first moved to Calgary.  He's my favorite Spider-Man collectible.

Those are only a few items from the bottom drawer.  There are still two drawers above it filled more stuff of varying degrees of cool.  More crap may be made displayed upon request.

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WiLL said...

I used to have the ET keychain thing too. I still have some of the "cards" but not the chain.