Thursday, November 18, 2010


Check out this eBay listing,   That is the exact same version that I have!  Technically, I have two copies of it, but one is broken.  I lent to Willie and after getting it back from him I was bringing inside the house and the record rolled right out of the sleeve on the pavement in the car port.  SMASH!  It totally sucked, but I ordered a new one.  The new one is near mint, never played and never smashed.  I will it keep it safe until one day when I need money for crack cocaine.


Cam said...

I looked up my Nirvana 7-inch singles and they're both worth nothing - NOTHING!

Also, it sounds to me like somebody owes you $125. Way to go, Willie.

Keef said...

I guess the hard part is finding some sucker to pay that much for them.

Which singles do you have?

Cam said...

I have Sliver/Dive and Triple Platinum EP. You probably gave them to me.

Keef said...

There are a ton of Sliver/Dive pressings. I think it's been pressed on every colour of the rainbow. The yellow one I have isn't even the first or second pressing.

The Triple Platinum EP is a bootleg. I think Nirvana has more bootleg 7" records than official releases.

WiLL said...

I wasn't even there!!! It's not my fault!!!!