Monday, November 22, 2010

Old and busted

I hate to sound like a broken record(this will be funny later so reading), but I will just so I can use that joke.  Remember how I was talking about my Nirvana 7" that got broken?  Well, in other record news I got a Ramones related 7" single in the mail today.  I sorted though my collection of 45 records to put it away and came across my Nirvana 45s and I still have that Nirvana record.  Yes, it's broken, but I still keep it.  Why?  Why do I still keep ALF stickers?

Cue the broken record joke!


mike said...

Why did Willie break it?

Keef said...

Willie has a bad temper and don't ever bad mouth Pearl Jam.

WiLL said...

I broke it cuz it was bothering me and teasing me ALL afternoon. No wait, that was something else one sunny afternoon in the early 90's.