Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh snow!

We've finally gotten our first dose of winter here with snow and cold weather.   Of course everyone is whining and bitchin' about it, but it is winter so I'm not sure what they are expecting.  We got the cold and snow on Tuesday which started out as rain, then wet snow before the temperature dropped and it turned into a light but constant snow.  This laid down a nice layer of ice on the roads.  I watched the news on Tuesday night and there were something like 180 traffic accidents, just during the day.  I'm sure there were more during the rush hour home.  Wednesday we got more snow which was a little better because it actually gave your tires something to stick to on top of the ice.  Still when I watched news tonight there were only 160 accidents.  Great work guys!

We are getting more snow on Thursday which sucks because it's my day off.  I was hoping to go out and do stuff, but with the crappy roads it's just not worth it.  I'll probably just end up staying home.  I could do something constructive like clean my room or organize the basement, but I'll probably just end up playing video games or watching movies.

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