Thursday, November 11, 2010

Now playing III

Here is my play list of all things fun I am watching, playing and listening to right now!

The past few days we've been watching 80's movies which started with the classic Coreys' movie License to Drive.  I guess this movie was made at their the height of their popularity before all the drug problems started.  It's still funny and has a hot teenaged Heather Graham as Mercedes, Haim's love interest.  What ever happened to her?

We followed that up with Tango & Cash, the Sly Stallone and Kurt Russel buddy action movie.  It's has always been a favorite of mine, I like Kurt Russel.  Russel's character has this hand gun that has a laser site on it, but the laser is almost bigger than the gun itself making it completely ridiculous and useless.  Ah, the 80's!

Then we watched Weekend at Bernie's which I hadn't watched forever.  It was still good, but for some reason I seem to remember more hijinks.  Must look for Weekend at Bernie's 2, voodoo!

Did I mention Scott Pilgrim Vs the World is out on DVD already?!  Well, it is.  I bought the Blu-Ray from Walmart because it came with a t-shirt.  These free t-shirts always seems to be size XL so I thought I was good, but turns out it was L.  It does still fit although a little snug, but the fabric is nice so it's good for sleeping in or wearing under another shirt.  I'm actually wearing it right now!

The Blu-Ray has crapload of extras on it.  Chris Murphy shows up to show you how to rock out.

Video Games
I bought Medal of Honor hoping it would be a return to it's former glory, instead it's very mediocre.  The multiplayer can be okay or insanely annoying.  I love getting repeatedly killed just as I spawn in my own base.  FYI, that was sarcasm.

I decided to give my Wii some love and got the "reimagined" Goldeneye.  I like the single player and have been messing around with the online multiplayer a bit.  I've been playing too much XBox because the Wii sure can look ugly by comparison.   It does have cool guns though.

This Tuesday I picked up the new COD game, Black Ops.  I'll admit that so far I'm not really impressed.  Maybe I'm burnt out on FPS games, but it's all been-there-done-that and you're just going through the paces.  I will never go online with this because I know how hardcore the COD fanboys are.  Plus I've been getting my ass kicked playing Combat Training which is exactly what it sounds like "training".  You can play matches against bots just get familiar with the gameplay, maps and weapons to sharpen your skills before going up against human players.   Not amount of training could prepare me though.

Cody got it too, but he hasn't even opened it yet because he is trying to 100% Halo Reach.  Speaking of Halo Reach, Cody bought this for me on my birthday.  We played it on release day on co-op and five minutes before the end of the game Cody got booted from the game.  I still haven't finished it or even picked it up since then.  Whatever.

I've picked up a few CDs lately, but still haven't found the time to listen to them all.  The biggest ones would be the Weezer Pinkerton deluxe edition.  It's a remastered version of the album plus b-sides, live tracks and a couple new songs.   It is good.

I also picked up the new Underworld CD.  Haven't heard much from these guys in a while, but I like their new album.  It also comes with a DVD, but the CD package lists it as being PAL.  I haven't tried it yet, but it's no biggie because my Philips DVD player will play anything from anywhere!

Nothing actually, but I should.  I have stacks (as in plural, more than one, in fact more than two) of comics sitting on my floor.  I just buy a couple a week and then they go into the piles. 

That is pretty much it because I don't feel like typing anymore.  I was going to go out today, but I'm sick and feeling lazier than usual.  I think I will go work on playing COD: Black Ops.

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