Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Dec. 21st saw the release of the Bad Company 2: Vietnam DLC which takes the awesome BC2 multi-player experience and drops it in the Vietnam conflict.  You get five new maps as well as era authentic weapons(flamethrower!), vehicles, dialogue and music.  It's like the same, yet different.  I have to admit that Vietnam is harder than the regular BC2 multi-player just because the guns are so much crappier.  Since it's set back in Vietnam they stripped out all the fancy red dot and ACOG gun sights making it that much harder to see your enemies, all you get is iron sights unless you have a sniper rifle.  Weird thing is that snipers don't seem to be as annoying as in the regular BC2.

I usually play as the engineer because he gets a RPG as one of his "gadgets" and I like blowing things up, but your primary weapon is a machine pistol of either the M10, PPsh, or Uzi.  The M10 and Uzi have horrible accuracy and damage rates, but make up for it with high rates of fire.  With either of those two your enemy has to be almost in front of you for you to drop his ass.  If he's at any of kind of range you will be lucky to score any hits.  I've been using the PPsh since is has higher accuracy and damage stats.  It seems most guys who play this class use this gun.

I'm only kind of liking the maps though, they aren't as big as the regular BC2 maps.  The Phu Bai Valley sucks if you are defending and the other team has a good helicopter pilot because he will rain rockets down on you non-stop.  This is made even more annoying that there are no emplaced weapons like heavy machines guns or AA guns.  I'm pretty sure they still had those back in Vietnam.

If you are big Creedence Clearwater Revival then you will LOVE Bad Company 2: Vietnam because you will be hearing lots of Fortunate Son.  If you don't like them, well too bad because you will still be hearing lots of Fortunate Son.  It's pretty unavoidable as it starts playing right at the title screen.  Yeah??

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