Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I'm *not* lovin' it

I'm not a big fan of eating at McDonald's, but when I do it's either for breakfast or to get some McNuggets.  They've been pimping the McNuggets with festive holiday dipping sauces on TV, so I couldn't resist giving them a try.

As you can see there is a red cranberry sauce and a green apple sauce, but I'm not sure what green apples have to do with the holidays.

Yep, they are red and green alright.


But how do they taste?

In case you can't tell, NOT VERY GOOD!  The cranberry sauce is tolerable, but the green apple sauce looks and tastes the worst.  Dipping breaded fried chicken(y?) bits into fruit flavored sauce just isn't a good idea.  If they wanted to make a holiday themed dipping sauce why not do gravy?  Gravy is awesome and tastes good on anything.  I'd be eating that morning, noon and night!!  Avoid these gimmicky "festive" sauces and stick with a classic like the barbecue sauce.  You've been warned.

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WiLL said...

OR Sweet and Sour.