Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-mas Eve

I drove back to Cranbrook this morning.  I always say how boring the drive is and this time is no exception.  Each time I drive that road, it gets a little more boring and I hate it a little bit more.  Why can't they make a new road?  Anyway, there wasn't as much traffic as I was expecting which was nice and the roads were in good shape.  I drove the whole back without incident and then almost got into an accident soon as I got into Cranbrook because an amber light means just floor it before it turns red,  stupid redneck BC drivers.

I got home and unloaded all the presents from my car.  I had to get my mom to wrap Avery's drum set because it's too big for me.  I can barely wrap little boxes, so forget about one that big.  Later Logan and Avery came up and I went outside with Avery and we went GTing.  I brought a couple things(collectibles) home which I packed into my pile of boxes in the basement.  That will be another blog post later on.

Check back in a day or two to see all my Christmas swag.  My mom and sister kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas so I just told them all the movies, games and gizmos I was interested in.  No socks this year!

Nothing says Christmas like putting together a Gremlins puzzle!

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