Thursday, December 2, 2010

Free shirt acquired!

My free t-shirt from Cheerios arrived today!  Again, the new shirts are to commerate the Men's hockey team winning gold last winter.  There are three different long sleeve shirts to choose from and I got the black one because black matches anything.

You can't see the design very well it's an outline of a hockey dude holding his stick in the in celebration.  The dude is made up signatures of all the players on the team.  The back of the shirt has the date of the game, the score and the Cheerios logo.  The shirt itself is nice and soft and feels nice, not all scratchy and cheap.  Not bad for being free.

It also came with a "map" that tells you which signatures belong to who, if you have trouble reading the scribbles.  There is also a coupon for $1 off some cereal.  I can use that $1 off to buy another box of cereal and get another free t-shirt.

I bet you didn't even notice, but in that picture I wasn't originally holding the hockey stick!  I drew it in with my mad Paint skills!


mike said...

lol, I noticed, but only because I was suspicious that you even owned a hockey stick...

Cam said...

I honestly did NOT notice, I assumed it was a plastic mini replica/promo stick or something.

Keef said...

I don't have a hockey stick, but I have a baseball bat.

Thanks Cam, I'm better than I thought.