Monday, December 6, 2010

This morning I went downstairs to get some breakfast and when I looked out the window in the door I saw a wild animal right outside!  Okay, it wasn't like a bear or anything, but a scruffy orange cat that hangs around the complex we live in.

I'm not sure if he belongs to anyone, but if he's a stray he's the fattest stray cat I've ever seen.  He usually hangs around the area just relaxing, watching squirrels or getting in scraps with other local cats.  If somebody does own him then they should start taking better care of him.  The fur on his back is matted, dude needs some grooming.

I saw him one day on the walkway that goes around all the units and these kids ran up behind to catch him and just before they got to him he took off.  He got about ten feet in front of them and then started waking again.  The kids ran after him again and just before they caught him he took off again.  It was pretty funny and reminded of the gag where someone goes to get in a car and the car takes off and then stops and they try to get in again and the car takes off again.  The cat was doing this to these kids and it was pretty funny.  I guess he's part evil.

After I ate and got changed then went outside he was still sitting out there.  I think he was sitting there because in the morning the sun shines on the front of our unit, so he was on the window sill soaking it in.  He is friendly and you can pet him, but he still needs to be brushed.


mike said...

He probably just goes around the building acting all stray and starving. Then everyone feels bad and feeds him, then he goes home and eats dinner.

You should get a little sign that says 'brush me' and tape it to his collar.

Keef said...

Oh yeah, he doesn't have a collar. Although, cats are supposed to have a license just like dogs.

mike said...

He forgot it at home..