Sunday, December 12, 2010


I just read a story on Yahoo that Columbia House Canada is officially no more.   Everyone was at one time a member of Columbia House, mostly for their music.  It seemed awesome at first because you got a bunch of CDs for $1, but after that you were obligated to buy a certain number of over priced CDs in a certain time period.  Maybe it was a rip off, but it didn't seem like much of a rip off living in Cranbrook because they only place to get music was Top 40 and they were also totally over priced.  I think I was a member of Columbia House music two different times and when they first started doing DVDs I tried that too, but got out of it quickly.

The article blames the internet for their demise because why would you pay for stuff you can get it for free online.  A couple music stores here in town, Play and Megatunes, have both gone out of business and blamed it on online media.  Pretty much everyone buys music online today except for me because I'll old and stubborn.  If I pay money for something I like be able to see and hold what paid for.  What if you buy music or movies online and then your computer crashes and you lose that stuff, you can't get it back.  If you owned a hard copy  then you just rip back to your computer.  Records seems to be making a comeback, I'm just waiting for cassette tapes to come back.


mike said...

Hey I wasn't a Columbia House Member! But cam was twice so that cancels out.. Didn't they ship you cds and then you had to return them by a date or else they would charge you for them? That doesn't sound like a scam at all.

Keef said...

The thing was you had to send a card saying you didn't want the selection of the month. If you didn't then they would send it to you. I forgot a few times, but whenever it came in the mail I would just put "Return to sender" on it and drop it back in the mail.