Monday, January 31, 2011

Eating healthy

A couple weeks ago I saw the health nurse who told I need to eat better.  It's not like I eat crap all the time, I just have an erratic eating schedule and I'm not getting all my food groups especially fruits/vegetables and proteins.  Tonight I thought I'd make some Hamburger Helper because that's good for you right?

It's not just any hamburger helper, it is Whole Grain Helper made with 100% whole grain pasta.   There is nothing better for you than 100% whole grain pasta!  Don't run out to your local grocery store looking for this because it's not available in Canada and it's not because it failed CFIA guidelines.  My sister got this for me when she down to the States.  I've still another box sitting in my cupboard.  If someone really really wants it, I will give it away.  Any takers?  PLEASE?! You need those whole grains.


mike said...

Well, you gave it a shot.
Maybe that's why they call it a health fad?

Keef said...

I'll just go back to eating multigrain Tostidos. Who knew eating healthy was so salty!