Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome to KEITH

Cara's parents went on vacation to Scotland and this picture was on their vacation pictures.  When Cam had to sit through them he saw it, stole it and sent it to me.  I really hope Cam didn't actually steal it because that would be wrong and now it's mine and they're never getting it back.  He probably just copied it.

From what little research (NONE!) I've done "Keith" seems to a more common name over in Scotland and England.  Maybe not common, but more common than over here in North America.  It doubles as a first and last name and sometimes they spell it all stupid and mixed up like "Kieth".  At least this town got it right.

If they wanted to truly stick to what it means to be "Keith" they should drop that "friendly" bit from their town motto.  It would be more in the Keith tradition if it read "The Meh Town" instead.  I will have to write them a letter, they will have to listen to me.  I am Keith.

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