Thursday, January 6, 2011

Remember these?

When I was at home for Christmas I took home some records, so I could box them up with my other records.  I don't have that many, only enough to fill an apple box.  That is enough because that box is enough to give you a hernia, I nearly killed myself lifting it. The box also has misc. record stuff in it like plastic sleeves, 45 adapters, and record brushes.  When I putting my records in the box I found something somebody might find interesting.

CD boxes!  Back in the day CDs used to come packaged inside boxes, which looked nice, but took up way too much room.  I remember almost never seeing these here in Canada, and these three boxes are from CDs that my grandma bought me down in the States.

Note the Bleach box is missing something from the bottom and that where there was a coupon for a free Sub Pop mail order catalog.  I cut it out and mailed it in to get the catalog and sticker because this back before the internet and you had to mail order stuff out of catalogs.   Thank god for eBay, I don't know how we survived before.  I believe I ended up ordering the Nirvana Sliver/Dive 7" out of it eventually which I then broke and then had to order...again.  But you already heard about that.

So back to records again...  I have this Ikea storage unit which is broken up into eight cubes and the space just perfectly fits a 12" record.  Every once in a while I like to buy a record to put in it because I think it looks cool/hip and it's my way of decorating.  I usually go to the Inner Sleeve in Marda Loop and check out their soundtrack section because the soundtrack LPs are usually pretty cheap and I can always find at least one from a movie I like.  I went by this week and ended up getting Pretty In Pink and Revenge of the Nerds.  Pretty In Pink is currently on display, I think it looks pretty good.

If you are going to collect records it would probably be better to collect 7" records just because they are smaller.  The Inner Sleeve has 7" records too, but they aren't organized very well so I don't even bother to look through them.  The did have a small section of 7"s for only 50 cents, so I flipped through those.  Lots of 80's stuff, some I almost bought not because they are good, but because they are just so cheesy.  I did end up buying a Yello 7".  You may not know the name, but you've definitely heard them.  They are a Swiss electronic band that started in the early 80's and are most famous for their song "Oh Yeah" which plays at the very end of Ferris Bueller's Day Off when Mr. Rooney (Jeffrey Jones) gets on the school bus.  It's a classic.

It's made even more cooler, but the fact it's on coloured vinyl!  It was only 50 cents!

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