Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I finished work the other night and was too lazy to go home and make a peanut butter sandwich for dinner since I already had PB for lunch.  My milk was expired, so cereal was not an option,  Lucky for me Little Caesar's (aka Little Seizures) was on my way home.  I stopped in and got two pizzas, a med pepperoni and a med three meat treat.  The more pizza I got, the more leftovers I would have for later.

I had it figured out that it would break down something like this:

I'm kidding!  I made Cody eat some of it, but I still had a couple pieces leftover for breakfast.

Normally, I would have just carried my pizza boxes out like like a regular chump and then they'd be cold in the four minutes it took me to drive home.  BUT NO MORE!

That's right, I now have my very own Little Caesars insulated pizza bag for keeping my pizzas nice and hot.  It only cost $2.50, but I'll still admit it was a complete waste of money and something I'll probably never ever use.  It was a total impulse buy, plus I need something to write about on here, so here you go.  Seriously though, if you eat a Little Caesars often enough that you need your own pizza warming bag, that is a little bit scary.  Since I'm stuck with mine I'm trying to come up with other things I can use for it besides keeping pizzas warm.


mike said...

That last pic is the best,
now you need one for each hand, and one with eyeholes for your head.
Think of the $$ you would save on heating bills..

Keef said...

I could also cut out leg holes to make a pair of thermal underwear.