Friday, January 28, 2011

One week later...

Wow, has it been one week since my post about my vintage Kenner Han Solo?  I thought I had written something since then, but I guess not.  I had planned on writing something, but got side tracked by watching DVDs. 

Today at lunch I went to Phoenix fully prepared to find that they had sold all the Kenner 12" figures, but was surprised to see that they were all still there with the exception of R2-D2.  I know I said I might get the Boba Fett figure, but that still is too much, so I passed.  Although, I decided how can I have Han with out Chewbacca?  That is like PB & J without the J, it is just wrong.   So I got Chewie!

Chewie is from 1978 and looks pretty damn for being 33 years old and there aren't any scratches or scuffs on his body.  He comes with all his parts, but unfortunately his bowcaster is a little messed up.  The silver cartridges actually remove from his bandoleer and then attach to his gun.  They are pretty tiny which would make losing one pretty easy if you aren't careful.  Luckily, Chewie has all his.

After doing a whole 10 minutes of research online I discovered my Han Solo is not actually complete.  He should've came with a Medal of Yavin and it looks like his belt is a reproduction and not original.  I had my suspicions about the belt and they were right.  It was made of a soft foamy material instead of plastic.  In a fit of OCD I went and bought a medal reproduction online.  It would've been nice to find an original, but it will have to do for now.

That being said if anyone happens to see Chewie's bowcaster or Han's belt and/or medal in good condition,  feel free to buy it for me.  I will probably pay you back.

Just the two us

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WiLL said...

That's awesome...they both look in great shape.