Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year and stuff

Did mention I'm back in Calgary?  I was going to write another post while I was in Cranbrook, but I got lazy.  I drove to Calgary on Wednesday and the roads were pretty crappy, but I survived.  Since I've been back I've been working and playing Bad Company and/or watching movies.

Christmas was okay, I got some good stuff, but I can't even remember what I got now.  I got some video games, some movies, gift cards and cash.  No socks, but I did get a pair of flannel pajama pants.  My mom always gets those for me.

On Boxing Day I went to Giant Tiger and Wal-Mart, but really didn't get anything.  GT was surprisingly quiet and Wal-Mart was busy, but half the people in there were in line at customer service for returns.  When I was back I also went to Pages and Aabco.  Aabco just gets more dirty every time I go in there as it must be the only business left in town that allows smoking.  Seriously, I can only stay in there for 15 minutes tops before the smell of smoke starts giving me a headache.

On Tuesday night I went to the hockey game with my parents and Lillix (OMG!!) sang the national anthem.  I guess they did a good job, but they had their backs to like 3/4 of the crowd, you'd think they'd know how to play to a crowd.  Oh well, I doubt they were getting paid, so they probably didn't care.  Tuesday night was also Saputo night, so I was all psyched that they were going to throw bricks of cheese and 4L milk jugs in the crowd, but they didn't and it sucked.  During the second period there was a stupid race and some guy won a $50 gift certificate for Save-On.  Big whoop!  Don't worry though the Ice beat Medicine Hat 6-3.

When I driving back right outside Cranbrook on there is that power sub-station on the right hand side of the road.  I was going by it and noticed a badger crossing sign.  I didn't know we had badgers in Cranbrook!  I've never noticed sign before and it looked brand new, so I guess the badgers must've just moved in.  I was telling Cody about it and he said he say it too, he also said he saw a badger once up Moyie.  I bet it was just a squirrel.

 That's a lot of words, so enjoy this picture of a pan of Mongolian style Hamburger Helper!

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