Thursday, June 30, 2011

Previously on last weeks episode...

A little late, but not as late as the post about my Co-op frying pan.  Last week's trip to Cranbrook was very short, so I didn't get much done.  I made it back with the Matrix, but it's still registered in my Mom's name and still have BC plates on it.  I seem to remember it being a lot easier when I brought the Cavalier from BC to AB.  Back then my mom signed it over to me and I bought 2 weeks of insurance from ICBC so I would have plenty of time to get it inspected and what not when I brought it back to AB.  This time they would take the plates off and only get me three days of insurance which sucks.  Since I was only back for three days I didn't have time to get it all figured out.  I signed the Cavalier back over to my dad before I left, so that is his problem now!  It needs work, probably more work that it's worth.

On the Tuesday I stopped the Scarff homestead and got the rundown what's going on lately because nobody tells me anything.  Mike and Sandy are expecting a baby this fall?  I may have heard this last time I was back, but just forgot, so anyways congratulations Mike and Sandy.   Cam and Cara are going to Scotland/England for a month?   Are you guys going to go to Keith?  You should go there and walk around loudly saying, "It's not THAT friendly."  Be sure to grab me a fridge magnet or something.  Thanks guys!  I also saw some newly painted parts for yet another motorbike.  Your dad is starting a motorcycle gang!

I also quickly stopped by Willie's to drop off a copy of PCU for him that I meant to bring back last time.  Turns out Willie has not one, not two, but three jobs.  What the hell!  Hell has frozen over, it's mass hysteria, cats and dogs living together, etc.  Who would've thought Willie would be such a workaholic?  Responsibility sucks doesn't it?  He also looks like he lost some weight, so good for him, I guess he really is working hard.

When I drove back I drove back the north route because I wanted to avoid all the road construction on the south way.  The road was pretty quiet and I took it easy on the drive because I didn't want to get caught speeding especially when I have an AB driver's license and I'm driving a BC car that's not in my name.  As I was going up the pass after Radium they had a sign up warning of bears on the road and I actually saw two bears.  They were both small ones and I saw one on the opposite site of the road and he was just chilling out in the grass.  I kept driving and just down the road there was some guy riding his bike up the other side towards Radium heading right for the bear.  I was like "Haha, that dude is in for a surprise!"  There is nothing like a bear scare to ignite the old turbo boosters.  Once upon a time, Steve and I were riding out mountain bikes down this old dirt road and were going to stop to take some pictures when we heard some crashing going on just off to our right.  It was a mother bear and her two cubs.  We both yelled "Keep going!" and I remember we were just flying down this road, bouncing all over the place and rocks flying out from my tires.  When we stopped we were like, "Holy crap!" and laughing.  That is my story.

I've been driving the Matrix around and it's not bad, but I'm still getting used to it.  After driving the Cavalier for 5 years, it's weird to be driving something different.  That black interior gets pretty damn hot which sucks after working all day to go hop in a car that is 35C inside.  Is summer over yet?

Since getting back from Cranbrook I worked seven days straight to get three days off in a row.  I don't really like have that many days off in a row because I will just do nothing and sit at home like a loser.  Today I was going to take in the recycling, buy groceries, get gas, go to Phoenix and get a hair cut and I didn't really do any of those.  I did get some groceries, but not everything I needed because I walked down to Co-op and couldn't carry everything home.  Hopefully, I will get a few more of those things done Friday and Saturday as well as doing laundry and cleaning my room.  The XBox keeps distracting me.

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