Saturday, October 1, 2011

Made in China

At work my shifts usually end being 9 hours with a hour lunch and two fifteen minute breaks, but usually lump those into a half hour break.  Sitting in the break room can be excruiatingly boring for an hour and it actually makes you want to back to work.  That's why I would usually take my GameBoy Micro of Nintendo DS and play games.  Sometimes I would be too lazy to actually play something and would rather just watch instead.  That's why when parents asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told them "The Bomb".

My dad asked if you got it from Al-Qaeda and I said, "No, from China!".  I'm talking about Cam's favorite electronics site, China Vision.  The Bomb is a touch screen 8GB personal media player (PMP) with a 4.3" screen and it seems inexpensive.  There aren't many small PMP devices out over for some reason with the iPod Touch probably being the closest, but it's too expensive and I still don't want it because it's Apple.  The Bomb also plays more media types.  Anyway, my mom went online and ordered me one.

Check out the crazy plug that came with this thing!

It won't fit!!

It's looks a bit cheap, but it does work.  There is no software, just plug it into your computer via USB and drag and drop which ever files you want to it.  I put some music and some TV shows from TV Nihon on it.  You can just put whatever files you want on it, but the files always show up no matter what you are doing.  If you pick "Video" then all the files on it will show whether they are video files, audio files or something else.  It wasn't like I had thousands of files on it, so it wasn't a problem for me.

I had only been using it for watching videos while at work or sometimes I'd lie in bed and catch an episode of OOO before I went to sleep.  The resolution was okay, sometimes you would see some artifacting and you had to tilt the screen a bit to get the best picture.  It was still working out pretty good for me until I was taking it out of my locker at my break and I dropped it.  It didn't fall far, but it was hard enough to put a crack across the screen.  It still turns on, but the crack on the screen throws all the touch screen controls out of in they don't work.  It sucks because I just got it and it's already broken.


I already miss watching OOO while eating my lunch, so last night I did some looking online and bought myself a new PMP.  The new one is another Chinese brand, but it's all little fancier than The Bomb.  It costs more, but it does have a better UI, more features and better screen resolution, so it was worth the extra.  This time I made sure to buy a shock proof case.  Once I get it you can expect some kind of review.

Since I used the words "bomb" and "Al-Qaeda" in this post I am no doubt now on the Homeland Security, FBI, RCMP, etc terror watch list.  That's cool because it just means my blog now has a few more readers.  Sorry guys, I'm not a terrorist, but I sure am radical. Dude!

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