Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This afternoon I had to look after Logan and Avery for a couple hours because Matt and Julie were at work.  Logan is pretty easy, because he will do his own thing and play video games, watch TV or play with Lego, so he doesn't need constant supervision.  Avery requires more attention because he always wants to do something with you.  We were outside riding around on scooters when some guy pulled into the driveway next door.  Next thing I know he was like, "Hey, Keith!"  I was like, "Uh, hey how's it going?"  I went over and talked to him for a bit and kept trying to figure out who he was the entire time.  He looked familiar, but I was drawing a blank.  It wasn't until later that I finally figured out it was Mike Detta.  I probably haven't seen Mike since high school, so it has been a few years.

Julie came home after 5pm, so I headed back home to Gold Creek.  I was driving up 37th when out of nowhere this deer jumps over a fence, out of the ditch and onto the road right in front of my car.  I stood on the brake and the car skidded on the road.  For a second I thought I was going to miss it, but it bounced right off the front of my car, rolled on the road, then jumped up and took off.  I was little in shock, but the deer was okay and so was the car, so I drove home.  Once I got home I checked out the front of the car which sustained a little damage.

The grill on the front was broken and the shiny Toyota logo was missing.  It is either lying on the road or embedded in that deer's ass.  Luckily, the damage wasn't that bad and could've been a lot worse.  If I broke the headlight or the bumper it would've been a lot costlier to replace.  The grill is just held in place by some screws, so it is no big deal to replace it.   Still, deer are stupid.

There was an article in the Townsmen about the deer cull they are planning.  I guess they decided to kill 25 deer in town.  I'm not sure how they came up with that number because it seems kind of small.  When I drove up to the house yesterday I must have seen 8 or 10 deer.


mike said...

Now I know someone who hit a deer in Cranbrook, awesome.

Although to tell the truth I assumed it would be Willie first. I guess it's hard to hit a deer on a bike.
I hope he reads this :)

Keef said...

My dad ordered a new grill from Napa for $58, so that's not bad. But you have to order the emblem separately from Toyota which will probably be the same price!

Keef said...

Hey Mike, I showed my dad where I hit the deer and he said he hit one in the exact same spot with the truck. He didn't so much as hit it as run it completely over. That one didn't get up and run away.